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Yahmo is a Berlin clothing brand paving the way for creativity, colour and expression in the sustainable fashion world. Driven by anemoia, the feeling of nostalgia for a time you’ve never known, we create ethically made women's & men's wear that expresses a sentimentality for the past.

Each piece tells a story and combines the old with the new: colours and patterns inspired by vintage clothing with modern silhouettes and eco-friendly materials.

Our story

Natives of Berlin, Isabell and Johannes were always surrounded by the vibrant and raw culture of this city. They began asking themselves why this creative energy was virtually absent in the sustainable fashion world. In 2016 they founded Yahmo with an aim to capture this spirit. 

The brand began with a collection of colourful one-of-a-kind bomber jackets composed entirely of reused Indian textiles. Since then our mission remains to transform the sustainable fashion industry with a focus on expression and creativity.

Inspired by the past, made in the present and designed for the future.