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Care guide

Washing Instructions

Our collections are made of high-quality eco-friendly materials and are designed to last a long time. With the proper care, you can get the most out of our pieces.

  • It is often enough to hang the clothes out to have them aired, especially our jackets.
  • If you find a stain on it, we recommend rubbing it out instead of washing the whole garment.
  • Should it not be possible to avoid washing, preferably wash the clothes by hand or the hand wash program of your washing machine with a mild detergent at a low temperature (please note when hand washing expect the water color to change a bit. This is normal, it comes from the dying process and happens with most clothing when washing for the first times. Don't worry, the garment will keep the same color shade after washing.).
  • If you live in a place with hard water (like Berlin), white streaks can appear after washing. We suggest you add 1 Tsp of bicarbonate soda to avoid it.
  • Hang up to dry naturally on a hanger. Don’t bleach or tumble dry.
  • To get rid of wrinkles in Cupro and Tencel fabrics it is most often enough to put the garment on a hanger for some time. You can also iron the items or use a steamer
  • If you are in-between sizes, consider sizing up since light shrinkage is natural due to the fact that we mostly use natural fibers, which behave a bit differently than synthetic ones. 


Extended Longevity

We place a big focus on manufacturing our items so that they last long. Manufacturing errors are rare; however, should your beloved Yahmo garment break in a way that is not attributable to wear and tear, then we will take responsibility. In the spirit of sustainability, we will see if the problem can be fixed by a tailor and pay for the tailoring costs. Alternatively, we will exchange the item, depending on the situation. Just send us pictures of the purchase receipt to support@yahmo.com.