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Everything about the new collection

For almost a year, we have been working on a new collection which will be made of the fabrics Cupro and Lyocell (Tencel). In the following paragraphs, you’ll find out what that is, why it took us so long and why all the effort was worth it. 



The journey begins in the summer of 2020.

We are sitting at the Teufelsee and are philosophizing about the future of Malimo. Expressive people are all around us and Berlin’s creative energy is just palpable. Sustainable fashion is on the rise, but here we don’t see this creativity, expressivity so far. We want to use really sustainable fabrics and make clothes so comfortable that we don’t ever want to take them off ourselves. But we also want to use it to celebrate life and not hide behind boring fashion. We start with pattern design and contact production agencies, producers and fabric manufacturers. The new collection should be out in the fall.

Feel-good garments that are ethically made. Combining comfort, sustainability and distinctive design.

Almost a year, about 6 discarded timelines and quite a few patterns later, the new bomber jackets (and maybe more…) are hanging in our office. We didn’t finish the new collection on time, but we achieved the other three goals (sustainable, comfortable and not boring). For the new pieces, we are using two fabrics: Cupro and Lyocell (Tencel).

Cupro - made from leftover cotton (left)

This silky smooth gem was introduced to us by a production agency specialising in sustainable fabrics. As soon as we touched it we knew our collection would be a new level of comfort. Cupro is made from garbage the cotton industry leaves behind. Production takes place in a closed loop: The solution is reused over and over again.  


Lyocell (Tencel) - made from sustainably grown wood (right)

Which requires no pesticides and significantly less water than cotton, for example, during cultivation. Production takes place in a closed loop: The solution is reused over and over again.

We don’t want to brag, but the two fabrics can do even more. Cupro and Lyocell are not only sustainable. They are biodegradable, breathable, absorb moisture and minimise odours. Guess what, they are machine washable as well. What we have here is a clear win-win situation.


Launch: May 2021

In a few weeks, we will release the new collection (for real this time, pinky promise). We are excited and are looking forward to the moment to share our new patterns, colours and silhouettes. Sign up for our mailing list to get notified once the pre-order period starts - you'll be the first to know about the launch.