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Styling a Bomber Jacket for 5 Occasions

Helpful tips on how to wear your bomber jacket in everyday life (1), at work (2), going out at night (3), at home (4), layered on cooler days (5).

1. In Everyday Life

You want your everyday-outfit to be comfortable, easy and quick to put together without it looking too predictable and bland. Throwing a bomber jacket over any basic outfit is an easy yet effective way to get dressed without thinking too much about it and still look fresh & well dressed. For example an all-black outfit with a colourful bomber jacket always works.

Left:metropolis/black Corduroy Bomber with matching cap and blue jeans, right:bird/navy Bomber with white jeans, beanie and chucks

Outfit Formula (Do's & Don'ts)

Top: any casual basic tank-top, t-shirt, longsleeve or jumper that is comfortable; should not fit too wide or long, or it could look bulky; preferably made from natural materials so you don't feel sweaty or smelly

Bottom: any comfortable jeans or trousers in blue, black, grey or white

Shoes: your everyday sneakers, boots or sandals

Accessories: optional; can be used to spice up the outfit a little or add your signature look; glasses or sunglasses, a cap, beanie or hat, jewellery, a watch - whatever floats your boat and feels true to you

2. At Work

Depending on where you work, and assuming your job does not require a uniform you probably want to look less casual and more put together here. Wear a plain coloured bomber in a classic shade like navy or black for a more formal look or a printed one for a more playful look. You can easily smarten up your bomber outfit with something classic like suit pants or dress it up further with leather shoes like loafers.

Left:metropolis/blue Bomber with loose dress pants and loafers, right:bird/navy Bomber layered with a classic blue shirt and t-shirt

Outfit Formula (Do's & Don'ts)

Top: any basic tank-top, t-shirt, longsleeve or shirt/blouse in a classic shade like navy, grey or beige; black and white work too but can feel too harsh; should not fit too wide or long; tuck it in in the front (still somewhat casual) or all the way (most formal look)

Bottom: dress trousers in a classic shade like navy, grey, beige or black; should not fit too tight, loose = more modern and effortless; in general a fabric that's not too thick and stiff looks more flattering; avoid low-waist cuts

Shoes: white or grey (clean) sneakers or classic leather shoes like loafers or boots in black/dark brown; should be comfortable if you need to walk a lot

Accessories: optional; glasses if you need them (avoid frameless ones); go easy on jewellery - maybe a dainty silver/gold necklace or layered rings; or a vintage leather belt in black or dark brown

3. Going Out

This one depends on where you go out. Berlin tends to be a lot more down-dressed and free spirited than other cities. You can go wild here but make sure not to forget comfort/practicalities - you don't want to freeze, get blisters or become sick afterwards. You can also contrast your bomber, which in itself is rather casual, with something dressier.

Left:copper/black Bomber (both, sneakers or leather boots would work); right:bird/navy Bomber with jewellery and no shirt underneath

Outfit Formula (Do's & Don'ts)

Top: anything from nothing to bathing-suit-as-top or bikini-top, to t-shirt to wool turtleneck; it should not steal the bomber jacket's show though, neutral colours or colours in a similar shade work well

Bottom: anything

Shoes: anything that is comfortable enough to dance and walk in for a long period of time

Accessories: consider keeping the outfit simple and playing with unexpected accessories like a silk or cotton scarf, a wool peaked cap or flat cap or lots of layered chunky jewellery, huge 70's vintage glasses in orange, yellow or pink

4. At Home

Studies have shown that the physical act of getting dressed alone improves your mood and makes you feel better. So it always pays off to get up and get dressed, even if you don't plan to leave the house. Comfort is key here but you don't want to feel too sluggish either.

Left:metropolis/black Corduroy Bomber with an oversized T-shirt; Right:metropolis/black Corduroy Bomber with a hoodie, jeans, beanie and chucks

Outfit Formula (Do's & Don'ts)

Top: a cozy T-shirt (can be the one you slept in, no one will know), longsleeve or Hoodie; an oversized fit can look cool; preferably made from natural Materials like Cotton, Tencel or Cupro because they are the most comfortable

Bottom: preferably stretchy or wide, avoid too tight fits; you can go for a full suit look with matching pants

Shoes: Crocs, Birkenstocks, Flip Flops or Sneakers

Accessories: optional; wearing some rings, earrings or a necklace can elevate the outfit and make you feel a little more in control

5. Layering On Colder Days

On colder days you can easily wear three layers underneath your bomber. This works especially well if you have a jacket that fits a little oversized. Throw on a scarf and you are good to go.

Left:metropolis/black Corduroy Bomber layered with oversized T-shirt and wool jumper; Right:1921/olive Corduroy Bomber layered with a hoodie + flannel shirt and dress pants

Outfit Formula (Do's & Don'ts)

Top: you can wear multiple layers underneath either (1) a tight longsleeve or tank top + (2) a loose t-shirt or longsleeve + (3) a loose hoodie or wool jumper or (1) a tight longsleeve or tank top + (2) a hoodie or jumper + (3) an oversized shirt

Bottom: the outfit will be bulkier on the top, so balance it out with a bottom that is rather slim fitting and not too wide

Shoes: any warm boots

Accessories: a beanie, scarf and/or gloves

A bomber jacket is a timeless and versitile wardrobe staple that is easy to pull of. Anyone can wear it, no matter their age, body shape or personal style. With styling you can dress your bomber up or down and make it work for almost every occasion (we know someone who even got married in one). It is a garment that you can wear all year round and if cared for well can remain with you for years and years. The style is unlikely to go "out of fashion" as it has passed the test of time.